One Million Safe Man-hours celebration was done on the 20th of Oct 2015 evening

CO2 Injection Pilot Project (EPC) has achieved its first historical milestone through its voyage to complete the prestigious Project on time. One Million Safe Man-hours celebration was done on the 20th of Oct 2015 evening, with the participation of all team members including supporting contractors and man power supply agencies.

The project is manned by 1250+ employees and is steaming full throttle. 

ALSA Engineering is supported by expert from the Oil and Gas Industry and all contractors joined hand with ALSA and worked in union to achieve this target and current progress status.

As far as HSE statistics indicates, the project has achieved this Milestone – 1Million Man-hours in a very short span of time; the project has crossed this Milestone on 12th Sep 2015.   

We are now running 1.7+ Million man hours, and for sure shortly we expect to cross the Second mile stone of 2+ Million Man hours.

The project have engaged more than 242 Vehicles &Equipment’s, and should not forget the amount of Safe kilometers driven by project drivers for this success - on this day it is around 7.6 Million Kilometers

While we appreciate and congratulate the frontline task force and project drivers who are the key for any Project and it is our duty to congratulate each and every one supported from back office.

Well done and Congratulations!

Project is all set to continue the Safe Job and achieve an ultimate target of:

‘’Zero injury, project completion, with ultimate client satisfaction & repeat business to ALSA’’